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 My name is Ellen Teall and 51 years old. I give my age so you know I am your age or older, not a spring chicken that doesn't understand the aging and hormonal female body. :) 

I love what I do and am very passionate about helping others feel and look THEIR personal best
I'm equally as passionate about helping my community (especially kiddos in need)so I decided to combine the two.

As a former sufferer of an eating disorder over 20 years years ago that almost took my life,  I DO understand the relationship betwen food amd emotions. I firmly believe in cheating and is encouraged in any eating plan. as I'm a girl who loves her candy! I dislike the word "diet" amd weighing yourself constantly.

Because I care so much about my clients amd what I do, I make it a point to stay on top of latest "trends" & data to stay as informed as possible and do my own research.

I've been training for over 17 years and am certified in personal training, (youth & adult ) and performance nutrition (encompassing all aspects of nutrition)

I live in Keller with a wonderful husband and my "baby" 16 year old boy that we both adore.

I also am Youth Certified. I want to help our kids learn healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise that will hopefully carry as they grow & into adulthood. I also have spoken at schools in the KISD/Carroll school districts to help kids and parents learn how good food can make such a difference in their children in many ways. 

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