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Burn up to 700 calories a session not even including afterburn that goes    on for an additional 24 hours!

  • No two classes are ever the same. Matter of fact you won't have the same workout in two weeks!
  • Class size is kept between 5-10 members, so you receive more personalized attention.

Exercises are modified for those that need it and/or have an injury.

                           What you will lose!

  • Inches
  • Body Fat
  • Weight
  • Feeling run down
  • Clothing sizes

                What you will gain!
  • A stronger body, open those jars by yourself!
  • Stronger bones to help fight off osteoporsis
  • Muscle tone without bulk (wave goodbye only once!)
  • A faster metabolism which will help KEEP the weight off!
  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Sense of well being(boosts in serotonin & endorphins)
  • Stamina
  • A much healthier bod AND mond
  •  A higher, tighter tooshie
  • Lowered risk of many diseases

A trainer that invests in you and cares a great deal about your success and one you can reach outside the class as well. You're my client in AND out of boot camp meaning you can call or text me at any time with workout or nutrition questions.

Please don't be intimidated with the word "boot camp" It's more of a workout class, not  military style. However, I GUARANTEE a great and challenging workout for all fitness levels. We have members from age 40 to 60!

Again, this is a FEMALE only boot camp so exercises are geared only toward a woman's body. 

No one is looked down upon and you will not be singled out. Trust me, there will be others just like you!


What makes my class different is we don't spend 1/2 of the time running (reducing injuries) while still burning MORE fat. Too much cardio tears muscle down, which in turn slows your metabolism. I've seen way too many women get frustrated not seeing progress from doing too much or only cardio. 

Each decade after 40 about 10% muscle mass is lost which is typical cause for fat gain as you age and especially for women over 40. Replacing that muscle is the best way to get that metabolism on fire again!
Classes are kept smaller than a typical boot camp (that have as many as 50 at a time)so I can make sure proper form is being done, maximizing the workout and again, preventing injuries.

/Also with a smaller class I am able to hold you accountable for showing up. Although I've already been paid whether you show up or not,  I care very much that you are there.

The accountabilty factor is HUGE for most people.

What we do

Core work/ indirectly affects amd strengthens all your body part

Strength training/ will help build a "sleek" look and works on those problem areas.
You won't bulk up, that's a big myth.. you'll build lean, fat burning muscle that will actually give you a smaller appearance while helping to fill in saggy skin. 

Cardiovascular work/this is interwined to keep your heart rate up as well and workouts are efficient because you go from one exercise to another with no rest in between.

 I am a firm believer that proper nutrition is a big part of the big picture and you will learn healthy, lean building eating habits as well. Not "dieting" because I don't like that word nor depriving yourself, just learning what works to make you look and feel your best.  

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